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Transmission Performance & Transmission Fluid

The engine produces power, and the Transmission accepts power in the form of torque that is then delivered into each drive wheel according to the gas pedal's input and the given terrain. The beauty of the transmission system is that it can do what the engine cannot - accept torque and deliver it in variable amounts to the drive wheels. When this happens at peak performance, gears shift in an almost seamless fashion, and speeds can quickly increase on the most difficult of terrains. To deliver variable torque in precise amounts, the transmission relies on a series of rings, pinion, gears, and transmission fluid that keeps all of the internal moving parts lubricated. Without proper lubrication, the transmission system cannot function properly, and the risk of damages increase as the Transmission Fluid continues to deteriorate.

Warning Signs that I need Transmission Fluid Flush

The transmission is so vital for vehicle performance that any problems will quickly produce warning signs that something is wrong. Transmission Fluid Flush Service is the best way of knowing that the Transmission System has proper lubrication. If you experience any of the warning signs related to Transmission Fluid deterioration, scheduling Transmission Fluid Flush Service today is a wise decision. Here is a list of the warning signs associated with needing Transmission Fluid Flush Service: 
  • Transmission grinding noise or other strange sounds
  • Problems with gear shifting
  • Gears slip in or out without reason
  • Vehicle jumps forward or surges backward without reason 
  • Delayed engagement

What happens during Transmission Fluid Flush Service?

Transmission Fluid Flush Service begins with a Factory-Trained Certified Hyundai Technician. The technician will use a certified service protocol to remove the old transmission fluid, flush the transmission to cleanse and condition the system, and will repair any components with wear and tear to restore peak performance. Transmission Fluid Flush requires a special instrument to get it done right; Lynnes Hyundai has a state-of-the-art facility with a digital Transmission Fluid Flush machine that can extract contaminated transmission fluid while refilling the system with new fluid. Although this procedure will remove 99% of the contaminated transmission fluid, a Flush is then performed that eliminates 100% of all contamination while conditioning the transmission for thousands of more miles of peak performance.  

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