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Symptoms of Poor Tire Balance

Poor Tire Balance causes problems in proportion to the degree of unequal weight. If there is a significant weight imbalance, the symptoms can show up quickly and unexpectedly including a tire blowout. That is why it is a wise decision to monitor tires monthly looking for the apparent signs of poor Tire Balance. If you have any of the symptoms of poor Tire Balance emerge on the tires or with driving comfort, then it is the time to schedule Tire Balance Service at Lynnes Hyundai. Here are the Symptoms of Poor Tire Balance:

  • Rapid or uneven tread wear
  • Rubber damage including cracks, bulges, or cupping 
  • Vibration or shaking in the cabin at speed 

What is Tire Balance?   

Balance means that an object has an even distribution of weight that enables an object to remain steady and upright. Tire Balance is an automotive service term that describes an even distribution of weight that helps the tire meet the road steady and upright. When Tire Balance Service gets performed, computerized Wheel Balancer assesses how weight is distributed across the wheel-tire assembly. If the Wheel Balancer detects an uneven weight distribution, it uses computer technology to create an even weight distribution with small precision weights applied onto the wheel rim by one of our Factory-Trained Certified Hyundai Technicians.

Benefits of Balanced Tires 

Tire Balance Service is an easy recommendation because of the vast benefits of the service as well as its effectiveness in preventing consequences related to poor wheel balance. Here is a list of the most common benefits of Tire Balance Service that you can expect to receive at Lynnes Hyundai: 

  • Improved traction
  • Enhanced Tire Reliability and Service Life
  • Eliminates vibrations
  • Stops unwanted tire tread wear
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved driving comfort and safety

Every Hyundai benefits when the wheel-tire assembly is in balance. If you are due for Tire Balance Service at the recommended maintenance schedule or if you know that a tire or two is out of balance, correcting faulty Tire Balance is easy at Lynnes Hyundai by scheduling Tire Balance Service. Lynnes Hyundai is conveniently located in Bloomfield, NJ, Newark, NJ, Paterson, NJ, and New York City.

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