Rear Brake Service

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FAQ: What Is Rear Brake Service and Upkeep?

Rear brake service is general maintenance and part replacement performed on the rear brakes of your automobile. Various maintenance is performed to the brake pads, brake discs, rotors, calipers, and various maintenance such as replacement brake fluids, checking seals, and repacking the wheel bearings

Regular rear brake maintenance assures your brakes operate correctly which makes driving easier, your car more responsive, and increases overall safety when operating your Hyundai.

Complete Rear Brake Service

As you drive your brakes wear down due to using the brake pads and the repeated stopping that safe driving requires. Without regular rear brake maintenance driving your car not only becomes harder to drive but may also become a safety hazard causing an accident when it fails to stop in traffic. 

Brake service looks at the various parts of the brake and performs regular maintenance is needed. Common issues can include pads wearing down, pads sticking, discs needing to be refinished, caliper replacement, discs requiring replacement due to aging, and brake fluids needing to be replaced as they have corroded and are causing the brakes to become overheated when used.

What Happens If You Don't Get Regular Rear Brake Service?

Without regular maintenance rear brake effectiveness and response reduces over time. In the beginning, your brakes may merely squeak, grind, or make noticeable noises. However, as the brakes continue to wear down the brakes won't respond as fast, feel like they are slipping, or feel soft when you press the brake pedal. 

In the worst-case scenario, the brakes may fail and not respond at all when driving and this can easily lead to an accident. In general disc brakes require replacement every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. However, regular maintenance is advised and should be performed at least yearly, however, regular maintenance may be needed more often depending on your driving habits, distances driven, and overall environment. 

Let the Professionals at Lynnes Hyundai Perform Brake Service

When looking for rear brake maintenance service for your Hyundai consider bringing your automobile to Lynnes Hyundai. Serving the greater Bloomfield New Jersey area Lynnes Hyundai also serves nearby Paterson, Newark, and New York City.

Our service department has factory-trained technicians using the latest OEM parts and accessories. Involved in the local community Lynnes Hyundai puts its customers first offering a comfortable waiting area with an HD TV, beverages (including coffee) and reading materials such as books, newspapers, and magazines.    

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