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Noticeable Warning Signs of Dirty Fuel Injectors

Fuel Injection is a vital component of the fuel system as evidenced by Hyundai's recommended maintenance schedule for Fuel Injector Cleaning Service every 15,000 miles. If the fuel injectors start to get clogged, noticeable warning signs related to engine performance will emerge. Here are the most common warning signs associated with dirty Fuel Injectors: 
  • Hard starting
  • Rough engine idle
  • Failed emissions test
  • Poor acceleration or horsepower
  • Engine does not reach full RPM
  • Sluggish throttle response

Fuel Injection and Carbon Buildup 

Every Hyundai model with an internal combustion engine also has a fuel injection system responsible for delivering air and fuel in the perfect concentration into the combustion chambers. The last point on the Fuel Injection System is the Fuel Injector positioned on each cylinder. Fuel Injectors are known to accumulate carbon deposits and varnish that if left unattended will restrict the engine of the fuel required to generate power effectively and efficiently.  The type and quality of fuel that you use is a significant factor in how quickly Fuel Injectors can get clogged. All gasoline sold today is heavily regulated and must contain specific additives and detergents that help prevent carbon buildup, varnish, and other unwanted filth from accumulating in the Fuel Injectors. Although fuel has been regulated since 1995 because consumers complained about clogged fuel injectors, fuel chemists have yet to formulate fuel that will not obstruct the Fuel Injection System eventually. The wisest decision for vehicle owners today is to schedule the Fuel Injection Cleaning Service at the recommended maintenance schedule or sooner if the engine starts showing noticeable warning signs of restricted fuel flow. 

High-Quality Fuel Injector Cleaning at Lynnes Hyundai

At Lynnes Hyundai, we offer the highest-quality Fuel Injector Cleaning Service with a Factory-Trained Certified Hyundai technicians using state-of-the-art equipment and a certified service protocol. Although many of our competitors use a fuel additive and call it Fuel Injector Cleaning, the Fuel Injector Cleaning at Lynnes Hyundai removes the fuel injectors from the engine and places them on a special device that uses a cleaning solvent to remove all carbon buildup and varnish. When you get Fuel Injector Cleaning Service at Lynnes Hyundai, you already know the fuel injectors will be sparkling clean at factory specifications when you pull away from the service center. Lynnes Hyundai is conveniently located in Bloomfield, NJ near Newark, NJ, Paterson, NJ, and New York City.  

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