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What Engine Oil is Right for my Hyundai?

There are a few ways to know what engine oil is recommended for your Hyundai car or SUV. The owner's manual is an excellent place to start if you want to find out what engine oil is recommended for your vehicle. However, if you don't want to fuss with the owner's manual, you can give us a call at Lynnes Hyundai and speak with a Factory-trained Hyundai Service advisor that understands your Hyundai car or SUV inside and out.

Conventional Engine Oil 101

Engine Oil is the liquid that flows through the engine keeping the moving parts lubricated. When the engine is lubricated at factory specifications, it runs within the recommended temperature range. When an engine operates within the specified temperature range, drivers can expect to maximize engine efficiency, reliability, and service life. If you drive an older vehicle, then conventional oil is probably the lubricant recommended for the engine. Conventional Engine Oil is designed to work in older-model vehicles with relatively low miles. However, Conventional Engine Oil can provide effective lubrication for many newer-model vehicles but does not last as long as synthetic alternatives. Vehicles that rely on Conventional Oil will usually need to schedule Conventional Oil Change service every 3,000 miles or every three months, whichever is first. Although Conventional Oil does not last as long as Synthetic Oils, it still has additives and detergents that enhance its performance as a lubricant. The additives help Conventional Oil withstand extreme temperatures while retaining viscosity.

Warning Signs of an Engine Oil Problem

Engine Oil is crucial for engine performance and efficiency; any problems with the engine oil will start producing one or more warning signs of the problem. If you experience any of the warning signs, it is a wise decision to correct the issue quickly before the engine oil can get worse. The ultimate consequence of an engine oil problem is engine overheating with associated engine damages. Prevent engine overheating and reliability issues with a Conventional Oil Change Service. Here are the warning signs of an engine oil problem: 
  • Check engine light is on
  • Change engine oil light is on 
  • Darker, black, or gritty engine oil 
  • Engine knocking noise 
  • Exhaust smoke is darker
If you know that your vehicle is due for a Conventional Oil Change Service or if you are experiencing any of the warning signs of an engine oil problem, Lynnes Hyundai has just what you need. Lynnes Hyundai is conveniently located in Bloomfield near Newark & Paterson, NJ, and New York City.

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